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Introduction to Some Projects

Company Deutz / Ulm / Germany:

Pre-treatment and painting plant for car / truck and marine engines with up to 12 cylinders.

The completely assembled engines are cleaned, degreased and rinsed on the line. A 2-component water-based paint system is used as the coating material. The power and free conveyor system is equipped with lifting and lowering stations.
The engines have a weight of up to 1.5 t.


Company Voith / Crailsheim / Germany:

Two coating plants, each with a cleaning system and a combined paint spraying/drying cabin for large gearboxes, gearboxes for wind turbines and cardan shafts.

The components to be coated can have dimensions of 4.3 x 4.3 m and a length of 16 m; the weight of the parts can be up to 150 t.

The coating primarily serves as corrosion protection and for the visual appearance of the products.


Company Holder / Kirchheim / Germany:

Coating system for car chassis parts.

After the chassis parts have passed through the blasting and the pre-treatment units, they are taken over by robots and fed into the base coat coating unit. After coating, the parts are cycled by the power and free conveyor through the base coat pre-dryer and baking dryer with the follow-on cooling zone.

Another robot takes over the coated parts and feeds them to the topcoat coating station. After topcoat coating, the parts are cycled through the topcoat paint dryer and cooling zone for further processing.