Electrostatic powder coating is still highly relevant!

As the coating powders do not contain solvents, powder coating is classified as environmentally friendly.

Due to their freedom from solvents, powder coating lines belong to the category of installations not requiring a permit within the meaning of the Federal Immission Control Act.

Depending on the recovery system, the application efficiency of the coating powder is up to 99% as the over-sprayed powder is almost completely recovered.

In cooperation with leading application manufacturers, we supply advanced systems engineering technology:

  • From individual production to complete systems
  • Perfectly matched to your requirements
  • Powder coating booths (in various materials)
  • Various recovery systems (tailored to your needs)
  • Electrostatic spraying equipment
  • Powder supply centres
  • Automation equipment
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Electrostatic earthing

We create an optimal concept for your needs and supply all the peripherals, such as:

  • Pre-treatment with waste-water technology
  • Blowing zones
  • Retained water dryers
  • Powder dryers
  • Cooling zones
  • Conveyor technology

In addition to electrostatic powder coating, we also offer you the application of very thick plastic coatings using the vortex sintering process.an.