Dryers and heating and curing ovens form the decisive qualitative links in the entire surface coating chain.

To these belong:

  • Retained water dryers
  • Trough dryers
  • Paint dryers
  • Powder dryers
  • Special dryers
  • Annealing ovens
  • Drying with circulating air or infrared
  • Cold drying

We design and produce the continuous dryers, reversible continuous dryers, chamber and special dryers tailored to your needs and space conditions.

Our dryers offer the highest quality and precision in temperature accuracy for all paint and powder coating applications for steel, aluminium and plastic parts, as well as for corrosion protection and decorative finishes.

Construction of the HEGE dryers
Segmental construction with optimum insulation.
Low energy losses due to insulation adapted to the temperature.

Dryer Designs

Reverse dryers in A-zone design. Inlet and outlet are on one level. To save energy: ideal for powder curing..

Reverse dryer with air locks. Inlet and outlet are also on one level.

Trough dryers for cycle operation with sliding doors.

Continuous dryers with air locks at the inlets and outlets

Types of heating

Indirectly heated with a heat exchanger or, even more energy-conscious, directly heated, whereby the combustion gases are circulated with the circulating air.

Functional principle
The drying and / or heating of the workpieces, the paint or powder curing or the retained water drying is carried out via convection or IR radiation.
Our temperature control tailored to the specific requirements ensures process reliability.

Our dryers comply with the statutory regulations such as, for example, DIN EN 1539, ZH 1/169, the EU Standards, the regulations of the Federal Social Accident Insurance Institutions, the VDE, etc.

Measures to protect the environment and to comply with the TA-Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control) sometimes force the installation of a thermal afterburning system. If required, we can also offer you this additional component for your dryer.

Trust in safety and our many years of experience!
Our sales engineers will plan for you a solution tailored to your needs.